Felix remains sore in wake of crash

gal26Felix remains sore and battered in the wake of his violent crash at Imola last weekend.

Felix was jostling for position with Britain’s Jordan King on lap eleven of Sunday’s Race 3 when the duo made contact at 250 km/h on the run to the Tamburello chicane. Felix’s Mücke Motorsport car got airborne and was launched into the crash barriers on the outside of the corner with huge force.

Felix was taken to the Imola medical centre, but escaped serious injury and travelled back to Sweden from Bologna on Monday morning. He suffered from severe headache and pain to his right arm.

CrashAs the build-up to this weekend’s finale at Hockenheim gains momentum, Felix is hoping to swiftly return to good form – although he is unlikely to recover fully before the field heads back out on track on Friday.

“I’ve still got a headache, but it’s a bit less painful than it was on Sunday,” Felix says. “It comes and goes. The worst bit right now is probably the neck; I was having a bit of trouble with it since before, and going backwards into a wall at 200 km/h doesn’t make it better… I’m stiff, and I think I will have to live with that over the Hockenheim weekend. I’ve also got some problems to move my right wrist, but that shouldn’t be a limiting factor for this weekend.”

Felix also wishes to highlight the support he has received over the days following the accident.

“Once again, I’ve realised that I’ve got the best fans and supporters. It’s really moving to see how much people actually care, and I’m grateful for all the texts and messages I’ve been sent. It means a lot, and I will do all I can to transform that energy into good results in the finale.”

The FIA F3 European Championship weekend at Hockenheim begins with free practice and qualifying on Friday, followed by two races on Saturday and one on Sunday.